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Quite possibly the dumbest question I’ve seen/heard asked today.  Hopefully it will be the last.  Are they really trying to take over all the pagan holidays? Aren’t Easter and Christmas enough?  I happen to freakin love Halloween.  Oh the stupidity.  ~ Kim


JesusWeen just sounds inappropriate. O_O

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    What. Is this real? I’m just wondering if they said “Jesus Ween” out loud to themselves prior to having it printed on a...
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    NOT TOO FAR FROM JESUSPEEN. Yes, I had a kid and regressed to being one, your point?
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    That sounds like a horrible porn site…
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    JesusWeen just sounds inappropriate. O_O
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    *wipes away tears of mirth* Every day should be JesusWeen! We can all dress as our favorite Biblical characters and give...
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    Stupid :c Although I am not going to assume that the group responsible for this represents the whole of Christianity....
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    JesusWeen. JesusWeen. I’m sorry but that name just what. Did these folks… did they even try saying it out loud first?
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    I concur. If I can leave, I plan on being out sometime in the next ten years.
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    This sounds like a dirty proposition for some cock, if you ask me. Also, to answer their question? HELL THE FUCK NO....
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    Shouldn’t that be Jesuseen? Since Halloween comes from All Hallows’ Evening. Not that I would expect the makers of the...
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    1. REALLY? Because Halloween is currently so threatening to their morals or whatever? 2. That is a really unfortunate...
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    I’m sure these are some of the same folks who are happy to call themselves “Teabaggers”. They really should think about...